Unit 2 Las Comidas del dia

Unit Can-Do: I can discuss what kinds of foods people eat in the US and in Spanish speaking countries.

Can Do

I can identify various breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack foods.

I can state opinions about foods: preferences, healthy foods and dietary restrictions.

I can say what I eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.

I can describe my favorite breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.

I can analyze my food choices in terms of healthfulness.

I can follow a recipe of a Spanish/Mexican dish.

I can prepare a shopping list and do the grocery shopping.

I can ask questions about prices and understand how much things cost.

I can compare typical Spanish and American habits of shopping and eating.

I can describe different meals of the day and typical dishes served at these meals in Spanish/Mexico.

I can compare typical Spanish/Mexican eating habits with those of my own family.

Unit Can-Do: I can have culturally appropriate interactions in a restaurant.

I can converse with a waiter respectfully

I can ask someone what they’re going to order

I can say what I’m planning on ordering

I can suggest what someone should try

I can order food and drink in a restaurant

I can make polite requests to a waiter

I can ask for correct utensils.

I can ask to try someone’s food.

I can ask how someone’s food tastes.

I can describe how food tastes at the moment.

I can politely request the bill/check.