GMS Intramurals


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Intramural sports are played among teams of Gibbons students. The goal of the intramural programs is to provide a balance of competition and cooperation in a safe, non-threatening atmosphere. Students from all skill levels are encouraged to participate; equal playing time is one of the rules of the program. Typically, each team will play 1-2 games per week. Teams play approximately an 8
-10game schedule, then the top teams in each division go to the "playoffs" after the regular season concludes. Sign-ups are announced for a week on the morning announcements, during Physical Education classes, and via twitter.

Team schedules and rosters are posted in the locker rooms and cafeteria.Schedules are also available on this website.

NOTE: TRANSPORTATION HOME SHOULD BE ARRANGED PRIOR TO PLAYING GAMES!!! The late bus only runs on TUESDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and THURSDAYS!!! For those students playing games on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS, transportation must be arranged BEFOREHAND!!! ALL STUDENTS being picked up by parents regardless of the day playing should be picked up OUTSIDE THE GYMNASIUM!!!



Girls & Boys Intramural Basketball

Contact Person:Nate Jyringi Late October-November

Intramural Basketballhas traditionally beenapopular after school program.Boys and Girls are placed in separate divisions.The program begins approximately thethird week Octoberand runs until the end of November.



Co-Ed Floor HockeyClick for Floor Hockey Rosters and Schedule 2014

Contact Person:Nate JyringiSept - Oct

Intramural floor hockey is a coed program. This has traditionally been one of the most popular after school programs. The 7thand 8thgraders play in separate divisions. The program begins approximately the second week of school and runs until mid-late October.


Co-Ed Volleyball

Contact Person: Sandy Robichaud Feb. - late March/early April

Intramural Volleyball is a coed program. The 7thand 8thgraders play in separate divisions. Rules are modified slightly to promote team play. Approximately 250 students and 25 teachers are usually involved in this popular program. Sign ups for the program take place approximately the week prior to February vacation, with games beginning the week after February vacation and runing until the end of March.