Essential questions:

¿Qué recueradas?


What do you remember?






Vocabulary: review vocab. 1-4


C5: family members
















Grammar: review grammar 1-4

possessive adjectives


SKILLS: : all skills are expected in the target language unless noted with an













express action in the present tense

describe people,places, things

ask & answer questions

express negation

state whose turn it is

express how something appears(seems)

identify Mexico's capital

suggest 3 places of interest and explain why one might want to visit




For additional practice with concepts from chapters 1-5 go to my Grade 7 section of this website. You can choose the chapters and the content you need additional practice with. Chapter 1 activities can be found in C1A and C1B, Chapter Two activitiescan be found in C2A and C2B, Chapter Three activities can be found in C3A and C3B, Chapter Four activities can be found in C4A and C4B.

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