Gibbons Renovation Project

Renovation Project for Gibbons Middle School
Posted on 11/16/2016
In the spring of 2012 Town Meeting approved a Feasibility Study for repairing Gibbons Middle School. A ‘Building Committee’ was formed and $375, 000 was encumbered to fund the study.

Visit the Gibbons Middle School Renovation Website

Timeline of Town Effort:
● Nov. 2008 School Committee and Selectmen approve Statement of Interest to MSBA
● Town Meeting voted to approve Gibbons Study
● SBC Committee: Selected OPM (Owners Project Manager) & Designer
● Building Committee was formed in May 2012
● Committee Members include: Amber Bock, Jim Malloy, Steve Doret, Irene Oliver, Peter O’Neil, Andrew Reinach, Andrew Bradley, Jack Foley.
● Committee held 7 open meetings on Schematic Design

Goals of Project
1. Replace Outdated and/or Out of Code Building Systems
2. Improve the Quality of the Educational Program
3. Extend the Useful Life of the building approximately 50 years