Late Room Policy



** Any student who stays after school for any reason, must be

in ** the company of an adult.


Gibbons Late Room Policy:

Before late room begins at 2:50, any student who stays after school from 2:00 - 2:50 must be with a teacher or other school personnel. The late room at Gibbons Middle School is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:50 – 3:30 in the Gibbons Cafeteria:


·   Late room is a place for students to go after school if they are waiting for the late bus or parent pick-up between 2:50 – 3:30 PM.  All students will sign-in with the supervising teacher so that accurate attendance can be kept.

·   The purpose of the late room is to enable a student to be supervised in a safe location when he/she has stayed after school with a teacher, club or other supervised activity. This is where we expect students to go if their ride is not immediately available before 3:30 pm.

·   If a parent needs to pick-up a child before late room closes at 3:30, parents are asked to come into the main office and we will call your child down from the late room for dismissal.

·  Late room dismisses at 3:30 or when the late buses begin to arrive.  The Late Room supervisor will bring all students outside to the late buses which will arrive outside of the Gibbons cafeteria.  NO STUDENTS should ever be wandering the building unsupervised after school for any reason.

·   Students should arrive to the late room on time, with everything they need to be dismissed and can do homework or other quiet activities until they are dismissed.  Students who need to leave the late room for any reason need to ask the late room supervisor for a hall pass.

·   All school rules that are in the student handbook also apply to the late room.  Any student who abuses the late room or who habitually breaks rules or is uncooperative may lose after school privileges and will not be allowed to utilize the late room.

·   Students who misbehave in the late room or who are wandering the halls, unsupervised, without reporting to the late room, may be given a detention.

·   Late Buses - there are three late buses: Central, East and West.  They board at approximately 3:30 – 3:40.  Students can check the poster in the cafeteria or ask any driver which bus they should take.  The late buses will not stop directly in front of a student’s house, but bring students to their neighborhood area, requiring them to walk a short distance to their homes. 

·   Any questions about late room or late buses can be directed to assistant principal, Pat Nash @ 508-836-7740 ext 2802.