Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement


Gibbons Middle School recognizes the unique characteristics of early adolescents, and believes that:

  • Learning is an exciting, life-long endeavor
  • All learners excel when they are rigorously challenged to master both basic skills and develop critical thinking skills
  • The development of good character is essential for learning
  • Responsibility and independence are crucial for success


Core Values

The teachers and parents of the Middle School have defined the school’s core values, the central beliefs we hold, feel strongly about and which guide our actions.  Our core values drive how the school community acts.  The school community is made up of all individuals who have a stake in Gibbons Middle School.  This includes students, teachers, parents, staff and other interested community members.  Our core values are:



Ø The members of the school community will exhibit a sense of caring for themselves, others, and their environment, by:

Ø respecting the rights and safety of others

Ø respecting school property

Ø demonstrating an appreciation of individual differences

Ø acting in an environmentally conscientious manner



Ø Members of the school community will demonstrate responsibility for their actions by:

Ø following through on commitments

Ø being accountable for their behavior



Ø The members of the school community will strive to be life-long learners by:

Ø setting challenging academic goals

Ø developing thinking and problem solving skills

Ø mastering basic skills, to include written and oral communications, mathematics and reading successfully completing tasks independently as well as cooperatively