Math Extras

Archemides' Laboratory
Puzzles, math challenges, and optical illusions
PBS Nova piece on cryptography
Mark Carlson's WebSite
See an example of how my friend is using advanced math concepts to make computer animations of liquids
Math Factor Podcast
Podcast about math ideas, each episode also includes a puzzle
Math Forum
Help, weekly challenges, internet scavenger hunts
Math Fun Facts
Interesting math facts, ideas, patterns, and challenges
Math Playground
The Games and Logic Puzzle sections of this site have a lot of great activities.
Narratives and information about some interesting math extensions
Advanced Math Topics and Challenges
Minute Math Blog
Blog with interesting math problems
Online manipulatives and puzzles
Problem of the Week
Weekly challenge problems in algebra, geometry, and middle school math
Set Game
Daily puzzle and game information
Shape of Space downloads
Zip files to download shape of space games
Shape of Space Online Games & Visuals
Interactive visuals and games to help you understand torus and klein bottle "universes"
Online math tools, manipulatives, practice games, and challenges
The Art of Problem Solving
Challenge problems and complete courses for advancing your math education.
The JETS Challenge
Weekly Junior Engineering Technical Society web site challenge
USA Mathematical Talent Search - year long (free) math contest
Mega-Magic squares, called Sudoku in Japan, are great challenge problems.
What's Special About this Number
Interesting facts about numbers
White House Resources for kids
Math Challenges