Components of Fitness

Components of Fitness

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1.  Cardio respiratory/vascular Fitness - The ability of the heart and lungs
to take in, transport, and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles.  In other words, how efficient heart and lungs are.  (Completing a 1 mile run will improve cardiorespiratory fitness).

  2.  Flexibility - The range of motion around joints in the body. (Stretching will improve flexibility).

  3. Muscular Strength & Endurance - The ability of a muscle or group of muscles to exert force for a brief period of time (lifting weights will improve muscular strength) and sustain repeated contractions (doing 1 minute of sit-ups or rowing for several minutes will increase muscular endurance). 

  4.  Nutrition/Body Composition - The importance of getting vitamins and nutrients into your system and maintaining a healthy body weight.  (Matching the calories you expend with the calories you take in through food will help you maintain a healthy body weight).