Principal's Message

Gibbons Middle SchoolMr. Foley

GMS Mid -Year Update

Dear GMS School Community, 

As we head into our Winter Break and rapidly approach our midyear point, I wanted to provide a quick update on our very successful school year thus far. We entered this school year welcoming in a strong handful of new teachers, a new Assistant Principal, new members of our counseling, and reorganized academic teams. I am very pleased to report that our new staff and teams have gelled exceptionally well. We have preserved the best of GMS traditions of high academic expectations and generous levels of support for all students to meet those expectations, while incorporating the new ideas and experiences of our new team members. 

We have very pleasantly returned to our ‘pre-pandemic’ norms in terms of our academic expectations and student social emotional development. School spirit is visible in the hallways most recently in our celebration of our second Spirit Week and various student-led community service projects.  This fall we had a wide range of extra curricular activities including a successful cross country season as well as offering a middle school tackle football team for the first year. 

Our fall play, Ten Ways to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse was not only well attended but very entertaining. With the  greatly appreciated support of the GPG, we had a huge turn out for our Fall Dance.  Also with the GPG’s assistance and research, we have reserved Kimball Farm for our 8th grade field trip this spring. Speaking of field trips, both our 8th grade team trips to the Freedom Trail in Boston and most recently the 7th grade trip to Mechanics Hall in Worcester were exceptionally successful, well attended, and fun.

Our 7th  and 8th grade bands, orchestra, chamber orchestra, and choruses had two evenings concerts performing for families as well as a school assembly all with resounding success (and applause!).  Looking ahead to the winter months and springtime, our spring musical, High School Musical will begin auditions quickly after winter break and our boys’ and girls’ basketball teams are well into their seasons and we will be looking to schedule a Winter Dance at the request of our students. 

Our staff and school want to share our appreciation for the continued support we receive from our community, we have much to be grateful for here at Gibbons Middle School.