Megan Gerstenzang

I am in the process of transitioning to a new website.  Please use the new site to get homework assignments.

Welcome to the Blue Team Math web page. You can find information about many of the math topics we are studying and lots of extra help. Please click on the link for your class and then find the current topic of study.

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Required Materials:

  • Plenty of pens and pencils with erasers
  • A place for notes - preferably a separate spiral notebook, but a section in a three ring binder with plenty of paper is also acceptable


  • A place for homework - either a separate section in a spiral notebook or a separate section in a three ring binder with plenty of paper


  • A place to store handouts - either a separate section in a three ring notebook or a folder


  • As the year progresses you will probably need a second spiral notebook for notes and lots of extra paper 


  • A calculator - Although any calculator will be fine, a two-line scientific calculator is recommended. This can be purchased for $10 - $20 at many stores. (Examples include Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS or TI-34 II, but any brand is acceptable. Solar models tend to last longer.)

    A graphing calculator is not required for 8th grade, but will be a requirement for some 9th grade math courses. If you choose to purchase a graphing calculator this year, you should get a Texas Instruments TI-83 plus, TI-83 plus silver edition, TI-84 plus, or TI-84 plus silver edition (do not get a TI-89). All of these calculators have the same functions, the only difference is in the amount of storage space (used for games and programs) and speed. Anything under $100 is considered a good price and $100 - $125 is typical. Do not buy another brand of graphing calculator!

Recommended Materials 

  • You may wish to buy your own graph paper as this will be helpful on many assignments. Otherwise, you may pick up single sheets from the classroom each day or download graph paper from this site. 


  • General supplies, such as a ruler, protractor, compass, various types of papers, markers, colored pencils, glue, and scissors are also very useful for students to have at home.


If you buy any TEXAS INSTRUMENTS CALCULATOR, please bring in the proof of purchase (UPC bar code). The school can exchange these for teaching resources and you may get some candy!