English 2017-2018                                Mrs. Carr

Welcome to grade eight English!  You will be doing a great deal of writing as well as reading in this class.  The following outlines important information about this class.

Supplies:  You need a separate three-ring binder for English to keep notes, assignments, and handouts. You need six dividers for this binder; I will explain how to label them in class. This binder will be checked periodically.  Also, you need a good supply of blue and/or black pens, pencils, lined paper, and a highlighter.  Finally, you are expected to bring an independent reading novel of your choice to class each day.

Homework:   will be checked and does count in your term grade.  Use your agenda/assignment book daily to record homework assignments that I will always keep posted on the board.  Your homework, labeled with the team heading, must be in class on the due date to receive full credit.  Regular completion of assignments has a positive impact on your average.PLAN AHEAD:  Printer failure is not an acceptable excuse for not having homework in on time.  You may bring in a USB Drive or handwrite the assignment instead.  Do not e-mail assignments to me.

Extra Help:  I am available for extra help.  Please ask for assistance whenever you need it!

Absences:  When you are absent, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to obtain a list of assignments missed.  The work you miss must be made up within five days of the absence or you will receive zeros.

Books:  At different points in the school year, you will be issued a novel.  It is your responsibility to cover these novels and take care of them.   In addition, I will give you a classroom journal and a writing folder, both of which remain in the classroom.

Independent Reading Book - You are required to have an independent reading book of your choice in class with you each day. Periodically there may be an opportunity for independent reading during class time, but Fridays will be Reading Workshop days dedicated to free reading.  Specific details about Reading Workshop will follow

Each student must come to class each day prepared to work and with required materials:

1) plenty of pens and pencils

2) your 3-ring English binder, with dividers, filled with lined paper

3)  your agenda (assignment book)

4) your independent reading book

5) any assignments due

Today:  As you enter the room each day, look for the heading "Today" on the front board.  There you will find directions as to what to have on your desk, or what to begin working on while you wait for class to begin.

Grades:  Each time a graded assignment is passed back to you, it is your responsibility to record that grade on the “Grade Record Chart” that I will provide.   This means at any given point, you can figure out your average and keep your parents posted on your progress.  This sheet should be the first page in your English binder.

Participation:  Class participation has an effect on your class effort grade.


English Heading:   Use this heading on the top of any sheet passed in to me.  The  heading is as follows:





This heading should appear on the left top of the page.


Please sign and date (in ink).  Read this over again with your parent/guardian and have him/her sign below.  Keep this in your English notebook so that you can refer to it when needed.

student ___________________________________         date________________

parent/guardian _______________________________    date ________________

English Information Sheet - Printable Version