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The mathematics department utilizes the Impact math program (a standards based curriculum) in grades 7 and 8.  The program helps set a rigorous course for the students at Gibbons to move beyond arithmetic and have more exposure to algebraic topics through grade 8. A major goal of the program is to enable and ensure that more students will have access to a curriculum that rich in content while stressing real world application and problem solving.  The curriculum at Gibbons also allows for more students to take algebra 1 in grade 8, thus enabling for more advanced opportunities in high school in accordance with the Massachusetts State Frameworks.

Students in 7th grade are recommended for Pre-Algebra or Introduction to Pre-Algebra in accordance with their mastery level of concepts taught in grade 6.  Students in both classes study topics in geometry, algebraic patterns, number theory, data analysis and measurement.  Students will learn to write and work on strategies to solve multi-step equations involving, percents, decimals, fractions, and signed numbers.  Another major focus in grade 7 is the study of ratio, proportion, similarity, congruence and probability.  Students are often flexibly grouped within their classes to allow for additional support and/or more challenging assignments given specific topics.

The 8th grade consists of 3 levels of classes:  Algebra 1, Introduction to Algebra, and Pre-Algebra.  Topics of study are as follows for the given classes:

Algebra 1:  follows curriculum as outlined in Massachusetts State standards (gr. 9-12)

Topics include, linear relationships, systems of equations, algebraic equations, exponential growth and decay, solving quadratics by factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula, functions, polynomials, and algebraic fractions.