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Grades 7-8 Science Curriculum

The Gibbons Middle School science teachers have been making strides towards implementing the new Massachusetts Science Standards. By the end of the 2017-2018 school year, the new  standards will be fully implemented.

The overarching theme for grade 7 science is Systems and Cycles. The students will gain experience with plate tectonics, interactions of humans and Earth processes, organism systems, to support and propagate life, and ecosystems dynamics. There will be three major units: Earth and Human Activity, Environmental Issues, and Genetics. Science skills such as the application of the scientific method and the design process, the use of lab equipment, and graphing will be addressed at the start of the year and continue throughout.

The theme for the 8th grade science program is Cause and Effect with an even greater emphasis on using abstract thinking skills to explain complex phenomena. Math skills will be integrated throughout the year as a method of supporting and providing evidence for hypotheses.The students will be making predictions concerning weather and climate, how atoms and molecules interact, and how energy and forces affect the motion of objects on Earth as well as the planets. The units covered by the 8th grade will include: Properties of Matter, Matter and Its Interactions, Earth’s Systems, Motion and Stability, Energy, and Astronomy.