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Social Studies

In grade 7 social studies class, students study history, geography, economics and civics from the origin of civilization through the fall of the Roman empire. Areas of study include Mesopotamia, Egypt, Phoenicia, Ancient Israel, Greece and Rome. A chronological approach using the History Alive program as a basis is used. The main text is A Message of Ancient Days. 

In grade 8, the primary focus on student learning is American government and civics.  Key units include the rights and responsibilities of citizens, the U.S. Constitution, the Election Process, and the Foundation of American Government.  Students begin the year with the study of the concept of identity which leads into learning about their participation as citizens, and how our government works.  The textbook is Civics Today by Glencoe and primary source documents are also extensively used.   Eighth grade social studies addresses the standards of geography, economics, civics and history as included in the Massachusetts Frameworks.