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World Language

Our curriculum is aligned with the World-­Readiness Standards for Learning Languages and the Massachusetts World Languages Curriculum Framework. We track student progress using the national proficiency guidelines developed by ACTFL (the American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages).

Learning Expectations 

Effective communicators who:

  • Communicate comprehensibly in the world language

  • Interpret a variety of authentic media

  • Listen and respond to diverse audiences in a world language

Responsible citizens who:

  • Demonstrate acceptance, respect, and empathy for other cultures

  • Work cooperatively

  • Respect the rights of others

  • Take responsibility for their actions and decisions

  • Produce quality work

Creative problem solvers who:

  • Incorporate problem-solving and critical thinking skills into the real world situations using the world language

The Middle School program is spread over 2 years and upon successful completion of the work, a student is able to go into the second year at the High School.